Star Trailers can provide you with a rental trailer for your next tour...  Our trailers are as large as the law will allow to be pulled behind a 45 foot coach.

Please note that we have a 11,000 GVWT limit on all of our rental trailers...  This will allow you to load the trailer with approximately 6,000 pounds of gear / merch...  Due to safety concerns, we will not allow a trailer to exceed 11,000 pounds GVWT...

If you need to carry back line equipment / production / merchandise that will exceed our weight limits, please secure a rental truck / box truck BEFORE your pick up...

We will gladly assist you if you need a driver for your box truck with one of our "Auxiliary Drivers"...

Below you will find the approximate interior measurements of a Star Trailer.  Please note that these are only approximate measurements, as we own trailers that are made by different vendors.

In addition, due to the high volume of touring that we handle, there are times that all Star Trailers are sold out.  In such an event, we will gladly source out a rental trailer with one of our partners such as On The Bus Trailers...

Clear inside height from floor to ceiling:  99"

Inside clear length from rear gate to front of trailer:  15'

Inside ramp height from floor to rear bulkhead:  7'

Clear inside width:  94"

Rear gate to backside of inside wheel well:  33"

Wheel well:  6'

Inside wheel well to front of trailer:  75"

Wheel well height:  14"

Wheel well width:  8"

Width between wheel wells:  80"

Side door:  35" x 77"

Ramp width:  86"