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    PLEASE NOTE: If the artist or band members will use this bus, or if the band and the crew will be sharing a bus, use this section.

    PLEASE NOTE: If the bus will be used exclusively by "crew" or "production" (no band members), then use this section.

    PLEASE NOTE: Our rental trailers are limited to a GVWT of 11,000 pounds. This should allow for about 6,000 pounds of gear. If you know you will need a box truck, don't "try to make a trailer work". Our Drivers are required to send us scale tickets after pick up.

    PLEASE NOTE: This section will determine how your estimated fuel costs are factored.
  • Please advise as to how you plan on paying for your "tour fuel". Tour fuel is defined as the fuel needed from pick up to drop off. You WILL save money if you opt to pay for the tour fuel "on the road" as opposed to us including it in your lease payments and using our fleet fuel cards. Your fuel estimate will be calculated based on your selection.

    PLEASE NOTE: This section will determine which Driver costs are to be added to our payroll and which will be paid out on the road directly to the Driver.
  • Please advise as to how you plan on paying for "Driver Overdrives & Services". If you opt to pay these expenses "on the road", you will reduce payroll fees.
  • On longer drives over 500 miles, that can be performed legally, do you want to try and split the drives with a Driver Hotel "STOP" point to save on overdrives?

    PLEASE NOTE: There are times when the use of a Co-Driver is "optional". For example: if you have a day off between show dates and the drive exceeds 9 hours 30 minutes, you can either a) stop and get the Driver a hotel room for 10 hours, or b) bring in a Co-Driver and avoid the stop. The Co-Driver will obviously increase your costs. There are other times when a Co-Driver is required by law. This section is only for the "optional" use of a Co-Driver.

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