Phil 1M

1,000,000 MILES...  That's like driving around Earth 40 times...  It's like driving to the Moon FOUR TIMES!

In the transportation industry, logging a million miles is an accomplishment that is respected by all.  But when an individual logs 1,000,000 miles with the same company, it is monumental and should be recognized as such...  It speaks volumes of the individual's loyalty, hard work, and dedication.

All of us at Star Coaches are filled with pride to announce the first member of our elite Million Mile Club:  PHIL STEWART...

Phil joined Star Coaches in August 2002...  Since then, he has driven for such clients as Hootie & The Blowfish, David Copperfield, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Rickey Smiley, and Marc Anthony just to name a few.  Phil has proven over his career with Star Coaches to be "the guy for high end clientele".

As Phil celebrates this milestone in his driving career, we proudly award him with the first Star Coaches 1,000,000 mile ring!

Congratulations Phil Stewart!




We are very proud of our drivers, especially those who have proven their dedication and commitment to Star Coaches over their many years of service...  And with years of service, comes miles driven...  Many miles driven!

500,000 miles is like driving across country over 200 times!  Most people NEVER drive across the United States!

We'd like to recognize those drivers who have logged over 500,000 miles with Star Coaches...

They are:



We consider the Driver of the Year Award to be our version of the Grammy Awards...

Only our drivers may vote...  So, in turn, the recipient of this award is selected by his or her peers...

The recipient of the 2017 Driver of the Year Award was HANS SCHLOESSER.

The widespread use of 'speak softly and carry a big stick' began with American president Theodore Roosevelt. In a letter to Henry L. Sprague, on January 26th 1900, he wrote: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."  There is no better phrase to describe Hans Schloesser.

Hans started with Star Coaches in 2013, and from day one, he has been one of our most requested drivers.

Averaging over 100,000 miles every year is clear proof that Hans is in high demand!  At his current pace, Hans will be one of few drivers to join the 500,000 Mile Club within 5 years!

His dedication to his clients and Star Coaches is well known by all of our drivers...    But more importantly, his dedication to his wife is something all of us at Star Coaches admire.

Life on the road is very tough, and the most difficult part of touring is being away from those you love.  Hans clearly loves his wife, and Kristin's support of his career is a critical factor in his enormous success as a great Entertainer Coach Driver...

An excellent entertainer coach driver must be a "Chameleon"...  He must adapt to every client...  He must adapt to all other drivers on a multiple bus tour...  Hans has "the gift" to work well with everyone...  absolutely everyone...  So far, he is batting 100%!

Our drivers acknowledge the great personal, and professional qualities and characteristics of Hans, which is exactly why they voted him the Star Coaches 2017 Driver of the Year!  Congratulations Hans!




FOUNDED IN 1990...

STAR COACHES was founded on a gravel parking lot by Danny Hamilton in 1990 with one bus, a forty foot Model 10 Eagle...  Very humble beginnings...

Our objective and business model has always been very simple and straight forward:


Today, our fleet of nearly sixty coaches has been built and tailored to help meet the budget of most every touring band...

We offer both Prevost and MCI Entertainer Coaches as well as Executive Limo Styled Coaches...

Check out this video to give you an up close and personal look at who we are...



Danny Hamilton had a vision... Take a rock & roll bus and turn it into a limousine. So that's exactly what he did.

After meeting with numerous coach builders who turned him down, Danny met with Jerry Calhoun, the Godfather of the rock & roll bus industry.

The meeting was brief and to the point.  Jerry asked Danny to write down references and then told him to go to lunch...

When Danny returned from lunch Jerry said "Go pick out a bus, I believe in you!"

Since 1990 and millions of dollars later, the relationship between Danny Hamilton and Jerry Calhoun has been very special.




We are very fortunate to work with some of the BEST in the touring industry...

We have created the INDUSTRY PERSONNEL REFERRAL BOARD in hopes of doing our part to help keep great people working year round...

If you are a Tour Manager, Production Manager, Merch Person, Wardrobe, Guitar Tech, Drum Tech, Lighting Director, FOH or Monitor Engineer or Tour Accountant, please feel free to post your information on the Referral Board.

While ethically, we cannot endorse or promote any single individual, we do encourage you to check out this board the next time you need to hire someone for your tour...

Do your own research and "vetting", and if you decide to contact one of the people listed on this site, please let them know that you found them here!

Simply complete the data form and submit it to us...  Once we publish your post, you will appear on the list...

Thank you, and hopefully, we will join you on an upcoming tour!




In 2011, we made a bold and industry leading decision to move away from the typical "slide out" coach.

Our decision was primarily based on the economics of present day touring.

Given the drastic changes in recorded music and the affect the Internet has on record sales, touring entertainers can no longer rely on royalty checks from the sales of their records. Bottom line is that you can't make a living with "ring back tones".

As a result, bands MUST tour... They must sell performance tickets and they must sell merchandise... Therefore, they MUST tour to earn a living.

When we buy a bus shell with a slide out, the cost of the bus increases about $75,000. Who is this cost passed on to? Right, the client.

Given the fact that bands must tour, we felt the best way to help was to lower the overall cost of renting new coaches by reducing the cost to purchase the coach from the manufacturer...

In addition to lowering the cost, our final decision to move away from slide outs was based on the following:

1. You can't enjoy the benefit of a slide out when:

a) you're running down the highway

b) parked on a street

c) in freezing or near freezing temperatures

d) parked on uneven terrain

e) parked in a tight alley, and

f) parked where space is limited...

So we figure, that a slide out can be used about 25% of the time, at best...

2. When the slide out is closed (about 75% of the time the band is in the coach), the frame for the slide out actually takes up valuable cubic feet that could otherwise be considered "living space"...

3. Things that move, break... And slide outs are no exception...

The problem is this: When a slide out breaks, there are only about 6-8 repair facilities in North America that can fix them... And the down time is usually 2-3 days...

With an average repair bill of $3,000-$5,000, who do you think ends up absorbing the cost? Correct, the bands do...

So, this was a serious "no-brainer"... Build a coach that costs less to build and is less likely to have mechanical issues, then offer it to bands at a very reasonable and fair price... The end result: Newer coaches for better prices!

The next critical move was to meet with our builders and let them know that we wanted to build new "non-slideout" coaches in which no one would ever miss the "slide out"! And they did it!

So far, the non-slide coaches are a huge success!

New buses... More cubic feet... Better rates... WIN, WIN, WIN!

Check out our fleet of 2011 and later models on your next tour, and experience the difference of a non-slide that will send you home with more profit at the end of your tour!



Since late 2013, we have been building and purchasing new coaches on a much more intensified pace...

Our coach of choice? The new Prevost X3-45 VIP...

When classic styling, leading-edge technology, and Ultimate-Class handling are paramount, the Prevost X3-45 VIP is the conversion coach of choice.

No competitor coach can match the confidence-inspiring drive-ability of the legendary Prevost X3-45.

This is the foundation for VIP coaches that reflects the sum total of everything Prevost has learned after more than 80 years of building coaches.

With its remarkably low center of gravity, the Prevost X3-45 VIP provides levels of agility not found in competitors’ coaches.

The revolutionary Prevost Electronic Stability Program provides an extra measure of handling and safety confidence.

The new X3 has the longest wheelbase for an ultra-smooth ride.  At 334.5 inches (8.5 meters) the Prevost X3-45 VIP’s wheelbase is the longest in the industry.

That means not only higher levels of smoothness and comfort, but also lower levels of driver fatigue on long drives.

Check out our impressive line up of 2014, 2015 and 2016 Prevost Entertainer Coaches by clicking "Band Buses" in the menu.



About 60% of our clients pull rental trailers to carry their backline equipment, merchandise and additional production... BUT, with the increased importance of performing, also comes the desire to "bring additional stuff"!

Most of the time, this is not a problem, as most bands are staying within our 9,700 pound limit for GVWT (Gross Vehicle Weight, or a loaded trailer)...

By the way, for you Production Managers, our trailers weight about 3,500 pounds empty, leaving you about 6,200 pounds for the gear / merch...

Anyhow, a more frequent occurrence is that we find ourselves receiving a frantic call from our drivers at pick up stating that "this trailer is very heavy"...

So we instruct the driver to immediately weigh the full trailer, only to find that the GVWT is over 9,700 pounds... This becomes a new problem...

To battle this potential problem, we suggest making sure your packed load is less than 6,200 pounds, and if you must exceed that limit, act BEFORE the tour pick up...

Rent a box truck and a driver...

Star Coaches now has a small team of box truck drivers that can help solve the problem of a disaster at pick up...

If you can't get the gear to 6,200 pounds, let us know, and we will gladly assign one of our auxiliary drivers to your rented box truck from Hertz, Budget or UHaul...

Don't be THAT guy who is overweight at pick up...




In 2005, we went to our drivers with a simple task:


We knew that the economy was going to tank. We didn't know when, or how bad things would get, we just knew the bubble was going to burst.

Over the course of two weeks, we held countless phone calls with all of our drivers discussing their ideas on "how to make a difference".

They came up with many great ideas. Finally, our drivers decided that the best way to give back and make a difference was to change their overdrive structure IN FAVOR of the client.

Industry standard has always been, and still is, for a driver to charge an overdrive (equal to a days pay) after driving 450 miles.

Our drivers voluntarily and collectively, decide to break that mold.

Their decision was to NOT charge a client an overdrive at 450 miles, but rather at 501 miles.

This was a HUGE move on their part. Unheard of in the industry. They were mocked and ridiculed by their esteemed colleagues in the industry.

BUT... They made a difference.

So, ever since 2005, our great drivers have made a significant difference to our clients every day with their overdrive structure, which starts at 501 miles, not at 450 miles like our competition!

Our drivers WILL save you money on your next tour!




As of December 2017, Don Neuen has created proposals totaling over 114 million miles, and has contracted over 37 million miles worth of tours!

When Don prepares a proposal for your tour, he leaves "no stone unturned".

More often than not, when clients compare a Star Coaches proposal to our competitor's proposals, our proposal will "appear" to be more expensive.

Why? Because it is thorough...

It's NOT designed to be "pretty"...   it's designed to be accurate.  Actually, it is designed for you to end your tour BELOW the projected budget.

Don takes the time to prepare every single proposal for every single tour himself.

He suggests stop point cities on longer drives to keep a driver safe and legal.

While this level of thoroughness takes more time, it has been invaluable, especially for foreign clients that are not familiar with the geographical layout of the United States.

See for yourself what many consider to be the best, and most informative proposal in the industry, and then get ready to enjoy "coming in below budget" at the end of your tour.



StarCoaches Tour Cost

In LESS than 5 minutes, find out how much an entertainer coach will cost for your next tour!

We are pleased to offer you the new 2018 Star Coaches Online Tour Cost Estimator!

Since January 2016, this exclusive and invaluable tool has been used more than 24,000 times by Tour Managers, Band Managers, and Business Managers to research for themselves the true cost of touring in an entertainer coach...

Only Star Coaches offers such an online experience!

Only Star Coaches offers complete transparency!

Only Star Coaches offers you this budgeting advantage!

During the development and creation of this website, we consulted over a dozen Tour Managers about this concept...

Their reactions were all the same:  "Wow!!"...  "Amazing!!"...  "Unbelievable!!"...  "Oh My Gosh!!"

They were blown away!

Only Star Coaches offers such an online experience:  The Tour Cost Estimator!

Now YOU can enter variables into a form and calculate approximately how much it will cost to lease various entertainer coaches for your next tour.

Here is what you'll need to get started:

a)  your tour itinerary with mileage...

b)  your pick up city...

c)  your drop city...

d)  approximately how many overdrives will take place

Now YOU can see how much bus your budget will allow...  Experiment with different logistical scenarios...

This online feature will give you a very good idea of the estimated cost you will incur on your next tour...



Star Coaches was featured on an episode of Celebrity Motor Homes (HGTV & GAC Networks)...

Come along as we take you on a walk through of one of our "star 6 bunk" entertainer coaches...



Our primary facility and corporate offices are located in Atlanta, GA. In addition, we also have a satellite location in Indio, CA.

The majority of our fleet is based on the east coast in Atlanta, but we also position coaches on the west coast.

This has proven to be beneficial to our clients, especially those with a west coast pick up and drop, as we are now able to greatly reduce the deadhead costs by utilizing our west coast coaches.

Now our clients can receive the same great customer service from both the east coast and the west coast!



EMC_Star Coaches
Star Coaches is proudly recognized as a founding member of the Entertainer Motorcoach Council.

The mission and purpose of the Entertainer Motorcoach Council (EMC) is to inspire a level of confidence in the safety, reliability, and quality of service for the operations of entertainer coaches employed on a charter or lease basis; actively promote the high quality services of EMC members; and more.

The EMC is an organization of responsible owner-operators of high quality and professional motorcoach service in North America.

These services are generally provided for the entertainer market, specifically those needing tour accommodations while they travel on the road from one performance venue to another.

Prospective, current EMC members and our clientele with questions or requests should call (202) 218-7227 or email



Star Coaches_15 bunker
A few years ago, and thanks to our friend George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, we made a decision to convert some of our coaches from 12 bunkers to 14 and 15 bunkers...

This move has opened the door to helping bands save money by "sharing a bus" with an opening act, or carrying a full crew and keeping the cost involved to only one bus...

With a year round rate starting at $500 / day, our 14-15 bunker coaches can really make a difference to bands and touring theatrical shows that are faced with tight budgetary restraints...



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