Star Coaches is your perfect choice for safe and secure transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We specialize in:

•  "High Risk" Passengers

•  Family Vacations

•  Corporate Travel

•  Non-Stop Cross Country Travel

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We have found that three scenarios are the most common:

•  Scenario A:  Involves the use of only one Driver.  This scenario is most popular with Clients who are interested in casually making their way across the country, or for a family vacation.  Usually, the daily drives are limited to under 500 miles.  Limited or no contact with the Driver is available.  The Client has unrestricted and exclusive (if desired) use of the entire interior of the coach.

•  Scenario B:  Involves the use of two Drivers.  This scenario is the most popular for Clients desiring quick transport on longer trips.  The drives are limited to approximately 1,000 mile "legs" with a 10 hour Driver hotel stop between legs.  With this scenario, the Client also has unrestricted and exclusive (if desired) use of the entire interior of the coach.  Both Drivers remain in the "Driver Area" until their scheduled hotel stops.

•  Scenario C:  Involves the use of two Drivers.  This scenario is designed to get from "Point A" to "Point B" as quickly as possible, with stops limited to fueling and food stops.  With this scenario, the two Drivers will sleep in the rear lounge of the coach, and alternate driving.  Because the Drivers are not able to stop for "hotel sleep breaks", the rear lounge is to be used exclusively by the Drivers for their required sleep periods.  Obviously, this restricts the Client's access to only the front lounge, galley area, restroom area and bunk area.  The Drivers will switch out approximately every 9.5 hours.



Star Coaches takes great care in making sure your loved ones travel in a safe and secure environment.  Our Safety Protocol includes:

•  All Drivers will take a COVID-19 test prior to departure.  Only Drivers with a "negative" result will operate our coaches.

•  Each coach is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at our facility before departure.

•  Once the coach departs our facility (Atlanta, GA or Indio, CA), the Drivers never enter the body of the coach, unless asked to do so by the Client.  (Scenarios A & B)

•  Pocket doors separate the "Drivers' Area" from the rest of the coach.

•  Drivers never use the coach restroom.

•  With the exception of an emergency, or unless the Client requests assistance, the only occupants in the front lounge, galley area, restroom, bunk area and rear lounge will be the Clients.  (Scenarios A & B)

•  All AC "roof air" systems are zoned and are not capable of recirculating air.  Drivers have their own separate AC systems.

•  Bunks will arrive with fitted sheets, comforters and pillows.  While fresh linens are provided, Clients are welcome, and encouraged to bring their own pillows, sheets, and blankets.  In that case, Clients may request "bare bunks".

•  Only coaches with hardwood or tile floors are used for "high risk" passengers.

•  Drivers wear masks and gloves anytime Clients are near.

•  Again, Drivers will only enter the interior of the coach in the event of an emergency, or if requested to do so by the Client.  All communication between the Client and the Driver(s) will be via cell phone.



Contact Don Neuen to discuss your COVID-19 travel needs, or to customize your trip.  He can be reached at 404-364-0177, Ext. 3, or via email: