This Damage Inspection is to be performed prior to the tour drop by the Tour Manager (or Lessee Representative) and the Driver. It may also be used at any time (or multiple times) during the tour if damage occurs. If there is no damage, please enter "N/A" in each area below. You may add additional line items if needed. Upon completion, a copy of this Inspection will be sent to both the Tour Manager and Driver via email.

    PARAGRAPH 13. a) Lessee is responsible for all damage, beyond normal wear and tear, whether caused by Lessee or other, excluding the Driver, during the Lease term, to the interior and the exterior of the coach including, but not limited to, graffiti of any kind, vandalism, upholstery, carpets, paneling, wood work, plumbing, tiles, bathroom fixtures, all kitchen appliances, ceiling headliner, lighting fixtures, audio and / or video equipment, and glass breakage. b) Damage to the coach, specifically includes, but is not limited to any electrical damage during shore power hook up such as audio / video equipment, graffiti, broken windows and / or screens, as well as any vandalism to the coach interior or exterior during the Lease term, unless due to Driver's negligence. Lessee is responsible for any front windshields that are broken or cracked during a tour, unless the damage is due to unavoidable objects coming from the road, or due to the negligence of the Driver. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to ensure the safety of the coach at all venues and hotels, or at any other times in which the Driver is not present.
  • If "YES" a) list all damages below, b) send Danny Hamilton photos of damage, and c) contact Danny Hamilton for "Estimated Damage Repair Cost". If "NO", enter "N/A" in all fields, and submit form.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The Driver will contact Danny Hamilton, the owner of Star Coaches and may submit documenting photos in order to receive the "Estimated Damage Repair Cost". If it is not possible to accurately determine the "Estimated Damage Repair Cost", this field will be left blank and repair costs will be determined by an authorized repair facility at a future date.
  • In my capacity as Tour Manager or Client Representative, I hereby acknowledge the above listed damages to the contracted leased vehicle described above. Furthermore, I acknowledge that the Lessee is responsible for the above listed damage to the contracted leased vehicle. If an "Estimated Damage Repair Cost" is available, I agree to provide the Driver with a cash payment or a credit card to fully settle the above listed "Estimated Damage Repair Cost". If neither are available, I authorize, on behalf of the Lessee, Star Coaches, Inc. to invoice the Lessee for the above listed "Estimated Damage Repair Cost" to be paid upon receipt. Lastly, I certify that I am fully authorized on behalf of the Lessee, to agree for any above listed damages to be paid by the Lessee.
  • Please enter your first and last name as your "digital signature".